Aotearoa Construction is an expert in remodeling projects in San Francisco. Whether it be remodeling for a new and efficient kitchen or bathroom, a new addition to your existing home, or a full-scale home remodel project, we have the experience to produce the level of craftsmanship that our clients can be proud of. Our experienced sub-contractors hold to our high standards of quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on a job well done, completed in a timely manner.
When deciding to do a remodel project, you will want to consider the quality of service that you will receive from your contractor. It is always our desire to meet your expectations for the kind of personalized service and follow-up that you expect and feel comfortable with, both during and after the project. We also make ourselves available to our clients for future maintainence and upgrades of their homes, as the need arises.
Costs of course, are an important factor in planning any remodel project. Being conscious of your budget requirements, we can help tailor your plans to fit your remodeling needs.
Aotearoa Construction can easily provide architectural and design services for your remodel project. We are also happy to work with your architect or designer.
Feel free to fill out your contact information on the "Contact Us" page of our site and provide a brief description of your plans. We will contact you shortly. Or give us a call at the number shown below...

Perry Stephens
Aotearoa Construction        San Francisco, CA
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